Welcome to the website of Liquid Wallpaper (Silk Plaster) in England

SILK PLASTER has received a number of awards and prizes – testament to sustainable quality and intelligent detail solutions. Thus, for example, the SILK PLASTER won the "E3 Awards 2014" - award in the category of dry mixtures. This award is granted by well-known eco specialists and considered as the best eco award in building materials. Furthermore, we received even more prestigious award – “GAIA Awards 2010”, which was given by different organizations, including European Regional Development Fund.

SILK PLASTER is our soul and specialty. We manufacture top quality authentic eco-friendly Interior wall coverings. We produce our goods with love and grant 8 years of warranty for our materials.

At last, we believe that silk wall covering should be available to most of consumers, that’s why we target to make SILK PLASTER more and more competitive in terms of pricing. Currently we are leading alternative to paints, wallpapers, effect wall coatings and other cheap wallcoverings. SILK PLASTER is more affordable than most of it's alternatives (see catalogue).


As raw ingredients we use only natural products. The Health Institute has approved Silk Plaster as a health care product and recommended its use. Furthermore, The Building Information Foundation RTS (Helsinki, Finland) has proven that the material is safe and granted us M1 certification. Our product is corresponding to French A+ and fully complies with AgBB scheme in Germany. SILK PLASTER has been also granted with CE mark, confirming that it is 100% safe. SILK PLASTER meets current fire safety standards, and in case of combustion it does not extract toxic gases. SILK PLASTER eco-friendly wallpaper do not contain any allergens and are even safer than anti allergetic paints.